New Music Tuesday: August 23rd, 2011

Happy New Music Tuesday!  This summer has been filled with fantastic new music releases, and I’m back to chronicle my favourites on fluorescent noise.  An overview of summer tunes will be coming in the next few weeks, but for now, here are my faves from today’s crop of new albums:

You Are All I See‘ by Active Child

“If R. Kelly, Bon Iver and Sigur Ros had an imaginary three-way and birthed a prodigy, his name would undoubtedly be Active Child (aka Pat Grossi). His knack for mixing sensual R&B lyrics, haunting falsetto and impeccably sequenced strings is downright devastating, all unneeded sexual imagery aside.”
— Pretty Much Amazing

Summer of Lust‘ by Library Voices

“The songs on Summer of Lust come at you with a relentless energy, not falling into the trap of sprinkling in a few filler ballads or anything of the like. It’s thirty minutes of pop rock that will leave you dancing, smiling, tapping your foot, or whatever else you do when fun music is playing. It may be mid August but the summer is far from over.”
— The Broken Speaker 

Making Mirrors‘ by Gotye

Making Mirrors is a musical landscape filled with incredible, youthful highs (I Feel BetterIn Your Light), and plenty of fun and exploration (State of the ArtSmoke & Mirrors). For all its hopefulness in Bronte and Save Me, it is not without its reality-checks in Somebody That I Used to Know and Eyes Wide Open, which balance the album with the twisted and distressing side of existence.”
— Hallam Drury