Slugs and Snails and Puppy-Dogs’ Tails

I’m so excited today to be able to congratulate my cousin Dana, her husband Ryan, and their daughter (and one of my flower girls!) Alexa on the birth of baby Weston Jase at a healthy 8 lbs and 2 oz!  This comes just weeks after the birth of the hubby’s cousin Anastasia and her husband Frank’s first kiddo, little Nicolai Francesco, and a few months after the birth of hubby’s cousin Jon and his girlfriend Alex’s little man Eli Jacob — it’s been a year of baby boys!

I’m naturally drawn towards baby clothes with sparkles and frills (and one day anticipate having an incredibly spoiled daughter!), but all these new baby dudes have me gushing over mini superheroes, rock stars and hipsters.

Here are my absolutely adorable picks for Weston, Nico and Eli — it’s a good thing they can’t read yet, or else a Christmas present or two may be spoiled!

1. Snow Leopard Critter Chair  |  Pottery Barn Kids, $162.54 CAD
2. Star Wars ABC  |  Indigo, $13,29 CAD
3. Z is for Zamboni  |  Indigo, $7.99 CAD
4. My First Batman Book  |  Indigo, $11.82 CAD
5. Pima V-Neck One Piece  |  ever/after, $15.50 USD (on sale from $30.00!)
6. Disney Baby Mickey Mouse “Dueling Guitars” 2-Pack  |  Babies “R” Us, $16.99 USD (In-Store Only)
7. MINI Baby Racer  |  MINI Canada, $115.00 CAD
8. Instarsia Robot Hat  |  BabyGap, $16.95 CAD
9. Grey Wool Tiny Toms Botas  |  Toms Shoes, $38.00 CAD

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