Rhinestones are a girl’s best friend[ship bracelet]

Until I’m at a point in my life where I can afford diamonds, rhinestones are most definitely a girl’s best friend.  And where better to wear your best friend than in a totally on trend friendship bracelet?  I remember learning my bracelet making skills as a Brownie and Girl Guide while growing up, and so I quite enjoy the nostalgia of seeing these multi-coloured woven jewels adorn the wrists of today’s fashionistas.  After purchasing two leather friendship bracelets on my recent trip to Florida, I went and got craft supplies and used a tutorial from Honestly…WTF as a refresher on knotting technique (go take a look through their DIYs, there are so many gorgeous options! I’ll definitely be using more of their tutorials ASAP.).

I also wanted a thin, chain-style rhinestone and floss bracelet, and so I made up my own pattern by simply knotting embroidery floss down both sides of a rhinestone chain.  Easy peasy, and a fun mixture of homemade and glam.  Instructions and pictures below if you’d like to follow along!

DIY: Embroidery Floss Adorned Rhinestone Bracelet

1. Start with four strands of embroidery floss, all in the same colour.  Tie them together, leaving a few inches on the other side of the knot.  Secure either with tape or a safety pin.

2. Secure a rhinestone chain by tying the two middle threads around the first link.  Starting on the right side with two threads together, knot around the chain all the way down, making one knot between each set of rhinestones.  This will create a thread border on the right side of the chain.

3. Continue until you’ve tied knots all the way down the length of your bracelet.  I tied long enough so that the bracelet could be double wrapped around my wrist.

4. Once you’ve completed the right side, do the same process but along the left side with the remaining two threads.  Knot after each rhinestone, creating a “border” on the left side of the chain.  Complete the entire length of the chain.

5. You can finish the bracelet any way that is easiest to you, but the simplest is to braid the unfinished threads at each end and tie together on your wrist!  I’m a fan of the finished result, and the way it looks next to my growing collection of wrist jewellery.

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